We have known and worked with Teresa and Keni for over ten years. They are a great team: creative designers, and extremely knowledgable about plants and paving options. They designed a drought tolerant front garden for us that has been very easy to maintain, and still looks great after ten years. This year they designed and installed a combo paved and planted area on the front parking strip. It is functional and beautiful. They work quickly, stand by their work, and are fairly priced. We would highly recommend them for any landscaping project, large or small. — ANDREA G., OAKLAND

TC designed and installed four gardens for us, at 3 different homes, as we moved to different neighborhoods. She is a very talented and artistic designer, and with her partner Keni, the installation and “hardscaping” is top notch. We have really enjoyed the gardens and have received lots of compliments from our neighbors. — ANDREA S., OAKLAND

I’ve recommended Teresa Donovan to all my friends, and several have employed her, including my next door neighbor. She’s a creative designer who’s come up with both front and backyard solutions for us. Hers is a small company, and she is central to every project–on-site, and always available for questions and troubleshooting. She’s done design, installation, hardscape, landscaping, irrigation, and garden lighting for us, and she’ll come back to maintain what she’s executed. And a more cheerful, easy-going professional you’d be hard-pressed to find. —LIZ, OAKLAND

Five years ago we bought the house across the street so that my 80 year old parents could be closer to family. The house was perfect, the garden, well, less so… it was 2000 square feet of dense, thick ivy. The new garden TC and Keni designed and planted is not only perfect for the site, it is perfect for my parents. The cutting area is easy to access and my parent’s house is now frequently filled with fresh flowers. They strategically planted trees that offer shade and privacy as well as beauty and laid a stone trail though the garden making a direct and well used “grandchildren’s path” to my parent’s front door. The garden has a multitude of thoughtfully chosen plantings and species types. It looked great when installed then became richer, more textured and beautiful over the ensuing years. How much do my parents love their garden? My father who was a professional photographer before retiring, has made a hobby of taking scores of photographs attempting to capture the garden’s ever evolving beauty and seasonal changes! The garden has become a great addition to the house as well as my parent’s lives. Thanks TC and Keni. —JIM, PIEDMONT

Working with TC is a joyous collaboration. One of my favorite things to do is spend the day with her and Keni as they nurture the glorious spot I call my secret garden. —MARGO, OAKLAND

TC designed and installed three gardens for my husband and me. The first comprised the entire front yard of our first house. We sold this house at a nice profit, thanks in no small part to the beautiful, imaginatively-styled garden. She also designed and built the front and back gardens of our current house. She possesses great talent as a designer, and a great font of gardening knowledge. TC considered all of our needs in creating our gardens. She designed them in a way that paralleled  the historic style of the house. Thanks to TC, our gardens also provide a safe and structured play area for our children, while at the same time incorporating our interest in growing flowers and vegetables. She quickly and efficiently installed the gardens once we had decided on a plan. I feel very connected to these gardens because TC listened carefully to my ideas and preferences and worked with me on the design and plant selection. Our front yard is old fashioned and structured, has small box shrubs and two varieties of hydrangeas, and it fits perfectly with our Victorian house. The back yard is a European style country garden with a grape arbor that actually produces grapes, an olive tree, lemon and lime trees, raised vegetable beds, roses, and many other beautiful plants from a color palette of white, purple and pink (and our house is in the middle of a city!). Recently a friend visited for lunch and said she felt as though she were in Tuscany. TC’s partner Keni possesses great talent as a stone worker. We have a beautiful wall made of recycled concrete, as well as a stone patio. Finally, TC’s easygoing manner makes it a pleasure to work alongside her. She listens well, and responds quickly to problems. My family and I have been delighted with her work, and recommend her highly. —ANDREA, OAKLAND

I live with 2 gardens built by TC and Keni. The end results are magical, though the building process held some magic of its own. I came to TC with the vaguest of ideas, a small picture here, a wispy sense of a feeling there. I could not put my finger on precisely what I wanted. She somehow took all the bits and pieces I presented her, mixed them in with the architectural style and interior design of my home, and came up with the gardens that I truly wanted, though could not describe. And Keni is an artist with stone, carefully picking the placement of each piece to create a landscape at once exquisitely engineered and yet seemingly naturally formed. Magic! —LAURA, BERKELEY