How We Work

Most of our business comes through word of mouth. We are extremely committed to our clients and although we may have a casual appearance and demeanor, we are dedicated to high quality work of the greatest integrity. We work best in a setting where we have quite a bit of independence and flexibility. Trust plays a huge part in our process, and even though we are known for our willingness to collaborate with our clients, our best work is done when we are given creative leeway. This is especially true in the final planting stages.

Design Services and Installation

Our design services range from one hour consultations to complete landscape designs. We charge for initial consultations. However, if that consultation leads to a complete design and installation, we will credit that time towards the project. After the initial meeting, we prepare conceptual drawings for the space. After deciding on a concept and direction, we then proceed to more detailed drawings for the hardscaping, irrigation, lighting, and drainage. With those drawings in place, cost estimates can be made. The amount of design time and detail depends on the scope of the project and the involvement of subcontractors.

The planting is a highly intuitive process. We generally like to place the trees, main shrubs and ground cover in a planting plan and have it agreed upon by the client. Then, for a lot of the infill perennials and annuals, we like to work from more of a gut level, creatively drawing from a plant palette developed from experience.

Follow–up and Maintenance

The creation of a garden is a dynamic process, and one that often evolves over the years. For this reason we like to stay involved with quarterly visits to the site.